Challenging patriarchy in Pakistan

Hameed_steeringUrwa Hameed, who was accepted to Boston College at age 14 and will graduate this month with a degree in political science and international studies, has published Steering Towards Change: Women Politicians Challenging Patriarchy, Class and Power in Pakistan. Hameed was born in Pakistan, a democratic nation based on Islamic principles yet deeply rooted in traditional conservative cultural practices. The book is based on in-person interviews Hameed conducted with 45 female politicians in Pakistan. The politicians spoke to her about the role education, religion, and financial dependence played in their political journeys. Hameed was moved by the personal stories of women who had overcome poverty, patriarchal oppression, and abuse to achieve their political goals, and she hopes Steering Towards Change will serve as an inspiration for girls and young women. The book has been published in English and Urdu. Hameed plans to attend law school and envisions working as a global advocate for immigrant and women’s rights. Read more from BC News.

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