Steinmetz_oxfordMike Steinmetz, a faculty member in the Woods College of Advancing Studies’ M.S. in Cybersecurity Policy & Governance program, has authored two chapters in the new Oxford Handbook of Cyber Security. The volume taps experts from around the world to discuss the identification, avoidance, management, and mitigation of risk in, or from, cyber space. The risk concerns harm and damage that might occur as the result of everything from individual carelessness, to organized criminality, to industrial and national security espionage and, at the extreme end of the scale, to disabling attacks against a country’s critical national infrastructure. Steinmetz’s professional background includes 25 years of service within the U.S. Department of Defense, and more than 12 years in the private sector serving in various positions inside the international aerospace defense arena where he worked on numerous cyber and cybersecurity capabilities, solutions, and international cyber business strategy. A decorated combat veteran, Steinmetz is a committee member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Classified National Information Security Program for State, Local, Tribal, and Private Sector Policy Advisory Committee.

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