Spiritual nourishment

Egan_homiliesHomilies in a New Key is a newly published collection of homilies by Boston College Professor Emeritus of Theology Harvey D. Egan, S.J., that rethink–creatively but in an orthodox way–significant aspects of Christianity. They are the product of Fr. Egan’s more than 60 years of Jesuit spirituality, philosophical-theological studies, graduate and undergraduate university teaching, scholarly research and publishing, as well as pastoral experience. The homilies, according to Fr. Egan, reflect years of prayerfully contemplating and thinking deeply about the great Christian heritage through the lens provided by the Second Vatican Council, the current state of biblical, historical, and theological scholarship—as well contemporary issues arising in American culture. Fr. Egan credits as inspiration the philosophical-theological thinking of Karl Rahner and Bernard Lonergan, the historical work of Bernard McGinn on the Christian mystical tradition, and the biblical scholarship of N. T. Wright. The homilies contained in Homilies in a New Key, focus on special liturgical feasts, on Jesus Christ, on spiritual topics, on the feasts of saints, and on special family occasions.  Fr. Egan writes in the book’s introduction that these homilies may serve as guides for other homilists or for those who teach homiletics, adding “I sincerely pray that these homilies will help [the reader] to know Christ better, stir you to love him more deeply, and to follow him more closely.”

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