Book award for Professor Lykes

beyond repairThe Institute for the Study of Genocide has named Beyond Repair? Mayan Women’s Protagonism in the Aftermath of Genocidal Harm winner of the 2021 Lemkin Book Award. Beyond Repair? was co-written by Alison Crosby (York University, Toronto) and Lynch School of Education and Human Development Professor M. Brinton Lykes, who also serves as co-director of BC’s Center for Human Rights and International Justice. Beyond Repair? “explores Mayan women’s agency in the search for redress for harm suffered during the genocidal violence perpetrated by the Guatemalan state in the early 1980s at the height of the 36-year armed conflict. The book draws on research conducted with 54 Q’eqchi’, Kaqchikel, Chuj, and Mam women who are seeking truth, justice, and reparation for the violence they experienced during the war, and the women’s rights activists, lawyers, psychologists, Mayan rights activists, and researchers who have accompanied them as intermediaries for more than a decade.” The Lemkin Book Award recognizes the best non-fiction book published in English or translated into English that focuses on the causes, prevention, response, or consequences of genocide and mass atrocities. Beyond Repair? was selected for its methodological rigor, clarity of argument, and sophisticated analysis of the ways in which Maya women have sought redress for the genocidal violence carried out by the Guatemalan state. The award will be presented in New York City this fall.

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