Migration through legal and theological lenses

christianity and law of migrationProfessor of Theological Ethics Kristin Heyer is a co-editor and contributor to a new volume, Christianity and the Law of Migration (Routledge, 2021). The book features perspectives from leading Christian theologians and legal scholars on the challenges of global migration. In Part 1, scholars of migration law and policy discuss the legal landscape of migration at both the domestic and international level. In Part 2, Christian theologians, ethicists, and biblical scholars draw on the resources of the Christian tradition to think about migration. In Part 3, each chapter is co-authored by a scholar of law and a scholar of Christian theology, who bring their respective resources and perspectives into conversation on key themes within migration studies. Boston College Professor of Law Daniel Kanstroom is also a contributing scholar. The volume’s other co-editors are Silas W. Allard (Emory University) and Raj Nadella (Columbia Theological Seminary).

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