Values, valuing, and evaluating

evaluating and valuingMuch applied research takes place as if complex social problems—and evaluations of interventions to address them—can be dealt with in a purely technical way. In contrast, the groundbreaking book Evaluating and Valuing in Social Research (Guilford Press, 2021) offers an approach that incorporates sustained, systematic reflection about researchers’ values, what values research promotes, how decisions about what to value are made and by whom, and how judging the value of social interventions takes place. The co-authors, Thomas A. Schwandt (University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign) and Emily F. Gates, an assistant professor in the BC Lynch School of Education and Human Development, offer practical and conceptual guidance to help researchers engage meaningfully with value conflicts and refine their capacity to engage in deliberative argumentation. Gates has extensive experience conducting mixed methods evaluations of programs, primarily in K–12 and higher education; STEM education; and public health. Her research examines the intersecting areas of systems thinking and approaches, values and valuing, and equity in evaluation theory and practice.

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