Exhortation and advice

sacchini_cover-01Francesco Sacchini (1570–1625) was a much-respected rhetorician, biographer, and official historian of the Society of Jesus. At his death, he left behind two essays—The Protrepticon (“exhortation”) and the Paraenesis (“advice”)—valuable, ever-ready resources for those assigned to teach the younger students in the literary courses in the Society’s schools. Generations of teachers through the golden age of Jesuit education in the 17th century profited from Sacchini’s wisdom, and much remains quite relevant and useful today. Cristiano Casalini, Endowed Chair of Jesuit Pedagogy and Educational History at Lynch School of Education and Human Development, and Claude Pavur, S.J., associate editor of Jesuit Sources, have edited a new text based on Fr. Sacchini’s words. Exhortation and Advice for the Teachers of Young Students in Jesuit Schools, a publication from the Boston College Institute of Advanced Jesuit Studies’ Jesuit Sources, provides a window into a Jesuit spirituality of teaching. This annotated bilingual edition presents the first English translation of the pedagogical classic and is considered a great contribution to the study of Jesuit pedagogy and what it means to be a Jesuit educator. The co-editors discussed this volume in an Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies video.

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