Handing on the Fire

Handing on the Fire cover-01The Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies at Boston College is hosting a live webinar book launch on July 1 at 12 noon (ET) for one of its newest titles, Handing on the Fire: Making Spiritual Direction Ignatian. The book event will feature Handing on the Fire’s author, Joseph Tetlow, S.J., an internationally renowned spiritual director who served in Rome as Secretary for Ignatian Spirituality on the Jesuit Superior General’s staff, overseeing 250 Jesuit retreat houses throughout the world. In Handing on the Fire, Fr. Tetlow lays out the theology in action that must inform Ignatian spiritual direction: the principles, norms, and practices that characterize the robust experience of Ignatian spirituality in everyday life. The book contributes to this deepening spiritual formation—both for those who are already offering Ignatian spiritual direction, and for those aspiring to give it. To learn more about the book or register for the free book launch, visit the IAJS website.

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