Paul the Apostle

Boston College Professor Emeritus of Theology Harvey Egan, S.J., a renowned expert on Christian mysticism, has released an audio series that illuminates the mysticism of Saint Paul. In The Apostle Paul: Christianity’s Original Mystic, Fr. Egan educates listeners about the apostolic, Christological, Trinitarian, and ecclesiological dimensions of the mysticism of Paul. Paul reinterpreted—in the light of Christ—the Jewish Scriptures in terms of Jesus-Messiah and the Holy Spirit. Fr. Egan shows how much Pauline themes were foundational for later Christian mysticism. Fr. Egan taught at BC for 40 years. He is the author of several books, including Soundings in the Christian Mystical Tradition, Karl Rahner: Mystic of Everyday Life, and An Anthology of Christian Mysticism.

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