Mask manifesto

An expert in the intersection of science, medicine, and law, Boston College Law School Associate Professor Dean Hashimoto provides a clear and compelling argument in favor of mask wearing to fight the spread of COVID in his new book, The Case for Masks: Science-Based Advice for Living During the Coronavirus Pandemic (Skyhorse Publishing, 2020). According to the publisher, Hashimoto cites specific examples of situations where infected individuals wore masks versus ones who didn’t and how that changed the outcome. He also references population-based studies in individual states and by country, and the undeniable effect that universal masking had on Mass Brigham Hospital’s staff. His book also addresses safety concerns and medical misconceptions about mask wearing and why the CDC didn’t recommend universal mask wearing at the beginning of the pandemic. Hashimoto teaches health care policy at BC Law School and is the chief medical officer overseeing the Workplace Health and Wellness division at Mass General Brigham, a Harvard Medical School-affiliated healthcare system. More from Boston College Law School Magazine.

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