World Drawing God Day: Nov. 9

This year’s annual World Drawing God Day—when people of faith create their own drawing of God and share it online via the hashtag #drawinggodwill be held on November 9. The inspiration for World Drawing God Day is the children’s book Drawing God, written by BC Church in the 21st Century Center Director Karen Kiefer and illustrated by Kathy De Wit. Schools from all over, including Ireland and Canada, are slated to participate. There will be three live Zoom events on World Drawing God Day (all times are ET): 10 a.m. – Drawing God with Picasso’s Inspiration (for students/teachers/young families); 1 p.m. – Meet Author Karen Kiefer, and 6:30 p.m. – Drawing God in Creation: When Heaven and Nature Sing (for families/adults/students). For more information, visit the Drawing God website.

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