Teaching writing to young students

A full understanding of language development is necessary to teach writing in a successful, meaningful way. In Language in Writing Instruction: Enhancing Literacy in Grades 3-8 (Routledge, 2020), Lynch School of Education and Human Development Professor Emeritus María Estela Brisk addresses topics necessary for the successful language instruction for all students, including bilingual and English language learners. Moving from theory to practice, Language in Writing Instruction is a vital resource for courses in language education programs, in-service teacher-training seminars, and for pre-service and practicing English Language Arts teachers who want to expand their teaching abilities and knowledge bases. Ultimately, Brisk demonstrates how teachers can help students express their ideas and create cohesive texts. Brisk is award-winning educator who is a recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Educational Research Association’s Bilingual Research Special Interest Group and the AERA’s Scholars of Color Distinguished Career Contribution Award.

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