In honor of Lisa Sowle Cahill

A new book has been published to mark Monan Professor of Theology Lisa Sowle Cahill’s remarkable 45-year career as a teacher, research scholar, and leading voice in the field of Christian theological ethics. Reimagining the Moral Life: On Lisa Sowle Cahill’s Contributions to Christian Ethics (Orbis Books, 2020) is a collection of original essays by Cahill’s former doctoral students, written in tribute to their mentor. Reimagining the Moral Life provides an interpretive overview of Cahill’s specific contributions to Christian ethics and the impact her work has had. The book is edited by Ki Joo Choi (Seton Hall University), Sarah M. Moses (University of Mississippi), and Michael P. Walsh Professor of Bioethics at Boston College Andrea Vicini, S.J. Fr. Vicini writes in the book’s introduction: “The contributions of this volume…exemplify [Cahill’s] mentorship and passion for a type of justice that is informed by equality, mutuality, reciprocity, and solidarity with the poor, and which aims at promoting concretely the common good in our world today. With passion, insight, dedication, and ingenuity, Cahill has influenced the field of theological ethics and empowered women and men, lay and religious, Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox to find their own theological voices and join in transforming our world.”

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