Student author Louise Faitar

Louise Faitar, a sophomore majoring in neuroscience in the Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences, also is a published author. Her novel, The Evanescence of Fog, is a satirical science fiction/fantasy story that is a comedic yet profound exploration of the nuances of human nature and political institutions. In high school, Faitar was awarded the Joyce Carol Oates Award for Outstanding Short Fiction. A description of the book: “King Gordon Apache’s island nation gets turned upside down when a serial killer invades the mainland and threatens to decimate the population and overthrow the government. In an act of total desperation, the King turns to the only individuals he can trust: a sassy ten-year-old girl, a mentally-unstable musical genius, a pygmy unicorn who won’t shut up, and of course… the guy who lives in a tree. These four unlikely associates have the guts to stop the intruder. Only problem is―they all hate each other.”

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