Teaching dual language learners

As the number of dual language learners (DLLs) in early childhood settings continues to rise, educators need to know how to teach, engage, and assess children from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. In Teaching Dual Language Learners: What Early Childhood Educators Need to Know (Brookes, 2020), authors Lisa López and Mariela Páez expertly connect research to practice to offer a guide for teachers of young DLLs on how to connect and work with families and use best practices to help their students develop language and early literacy skills. The book offers five in‐depth case studies highlighting the importance of considering each child’s background, skills, and home experiences when designing effective learning environments. The authors also share eight key beliefs every teacher should have about dual language learning. Páez is an associate professor in BC’s Lynch School of Education and Human Development. Her primary research interests include bilingualism, children’s language and early literacy development, and early childhood education.

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