Andy Hargreaves memoir

When you are an educator, even your memoir provides lessons. Moving: A Memoir of Education and Social Mobility (Solution Tree, 2020) follows internationally renowned educational policy expert and author Andy Hargreaves from his early days in 1950s Northern England to his university education in the early 1970s. Hargreaves connects the memoir’s theme of social mobility—the chance, through education, to achieve greater success than one’s parents—to today’s challenges of inequity and immobility. According to the publisher, “Hargreaves openly shares how class movement has affected him throughout life, links his narrative to classic and contemporary research and realities, and calls on society to reverse the increasing levels of social immobility and inequity worldwide.” Hargreaves is a professor emeritus at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education and Human Development and a visiting professor at the University of Ottawa. He is president and co-founder of ARC (Atlantic Rim Collaboratory), a global initiative dedicated to advancing equity, excellence, inclusion, well-being, democracy, sustainability, and human rights in education.

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