Harold Petersen

Harold Petersen, a retired associate professor of economics, taught at Boston College from 1960 to 2016. He has published a personal reflection of his journey through BC and also the journey of BC as seen through his eyes. 56 Years: Two Journeys: How a Lutheran became Ignatian in his Years at Boston College and how Boston College stayed Ignatian as it Grew offers Petersen’s account of the University from its days as a commuter school, through a financial crisis, to its emergence as an international university still very much committed to its Catholic and Jesuit heritage. A highly regarded professor, Petersen was recognized with the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award from BC’s PBK chapter in 2014.

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1 Response to Harold Petersen

  1. Paul Doty says:

    I worked in the Fulton Library when I attended BC. Dr. Petersen was one of the nicest professors who utilized that library.

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