Doctor Levitin

A major work of late 20th-century Russian and Jewish literature, Doctor Levitin, a novel depicting the experience of the Jewish exodus from the former USSR, has been published in English. BC professor of Russian, English, and Jewish Studies Maxim D. Shrayer oversaw the translation and contributed a commentary. University of New Hampshire professors Arna B. Bronstein and Aleksandra Fleszar co-translated the novel with Shrayer. First published in Israel in 1986, Doctor Levitin was written by Shrayer’s father, writer David Shrayer-Petrov, who drew on the personal plight of his Jewish-Russian family and their emigration from the USSR in 1987. A book launch will take place at Brookline Booksmith on Nov. 14 at 7 p.m. featuring Shrayer in conversation with Shrayer-Petrov and Bronstein. More from BC News.| Shrayer is also editor of a new volume titled Voices of Jewish-Russian Literature (Academic Studies Press, 2018), an anthology of major 19th- and 20th-century fiction, nonfiction, and poetry by 80 Jewish-Russian writers. He profiles Lev Ginzburg, a Jewish-Russian author and investigator of Nazi crimes, in Tablet Magazine.

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