A ringside seat

Moving beyond the typical sentimentality, romanticism, or cynicism common to writing on boxing is a new book, The Bittersweet Science: Fifteen Writers in the Gym, in the Corner, and at Ringside (Univeristy of Chicago Press, 2017), co-edited by BC Professor of English Carlo Rotella and Michael Ezra. The Bittersweet Science is a collection of essays about boxing— written by journalists, fiction writers, fight people, and more—that explores the delusions and dreams of boxers, fans, and the cast of managers, trainers, promoters, and hangers-on who make up life in and around the ring. Rotella also contributes the essay, “Bernard Hopkins, Prefight and Postfight.” Rotella, who directs the American Studies program at BC, is the author of Cut Time: An Education at the Fights and Good with Their Hands: Boxers, Bluesmen, and Other Characters from the Rust Belt, among other works. Listen to an interview with Rotella and Ezra on New Books Network. 

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