The farming life

'Organic Futures' book jacketThey started out as professor and student. Six years later, Associate Professor of Sociology and International Studies Brian Gareau and alumnus Connor Fitzmaurice are friends and co-authors of the new book Organic Futures: Struggling for Sustainability on the Small Farm (Yale University Press, 2016). Their book trace the trajectory of the organic, “locally grown” food movement from its beginnings nearly a century ago among farmers resisting the advent of industrial agriculture, through the 1960s and ’70s counterculture, and its gradual emergence in mainstream consumer markets. The book began as Fitzmaurice’s award-winning senior thesis, with research supported by an Advanced Study Grant. According to Gareau, “The book has relevance for the social sciences, but it’s also a celebration of the small farm, a quintessential part of New England’s social fabric.” More from BC News

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