Christianity and the Culture Machine

culture machineVincent F. Rocchio, a faculty member in the Communication Department, incorporates theories of media and cultural studies in his new book to examine why both Hollywood and the institutional Church have such difficulty speaking about, and promoting, egalitarianism, non-materialism, and pacifism in compelling ways. In Christianity and the Culture Machine: Media and Theology in the Age of Late Secularism (Cascade Books, 2016), Rocchio argues that a new aesthetic–a new way of understanding Christianity–is forming itself in the margins of mainstream media, and the institutional Church could and should learn from it. Rocchio is also the author of Cinema of Anxiety: A Psychoanalysis of Italian Neorealism and Reel Racism: Confronting Hollywood’s Construction of Afro-American Culture. Rochhio was inteviewed by the Dorchester Reporter.

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