A Bully Nation

bullynationIn his new book Bully Nation: How the American Establishment Creates a Bullying Society (University Press of Kansas, 2016), author Charles Derber, a sociologist at Boston College, argues that bullying is not limited to a personal, psychological issue but is a structural problem of our highly militarized, capitalistic society. Derber and co-author Yale Magrass of the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth say large corporations, the government, and the military all perpetrate vast bullying. They give examples in their book of the corporate bullying of workers, consumers, and animals for slaughter; military bullying of weaker nations, and government and police bullying of immigrants and prisoners. “The bullying strain is very profound due to the institutional realities of our society,” says Derber. “As a country, we have made it pretty clear that we are going to use whatever means necessary to secure our strategic interests.” Read more from BC News.

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