Reframing educational research

decolonializingDecolonizing Educational Research (Routledge) by Lynch School of Education Associate Professor Leigh Patel examines the ways through which coloniality manifests in contexts of knowledge and meaning making, specifically within educational research and formal schooling. Purposefully situated beyond popular deconstructionist theory and anthropocentric perspectives, Patel’s book investigates the longstanding traditions of oppression, racism, and white supremacy that are systemically reseated and reinforced by learning and social interaction. Through her explorations into the unfixed and often interrupted narratives of culture, history, place and identity, a bold and hopeful vision emerges of how research in secondary and higher education institutions might break free of colonial genealogies and their widespread complicities. Patel also is the author of Youth Held at the Border: Immigration, Education, and the Politics of Inclusion.

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