Bill Clinton’s presidency

clinton bookProfessor of History Patrick Maney offers an in-depth perspective on the 42nd president of the United States and the transformative era over which he presided in his new book, Bill Clinton: New Gilded Age President (University Press of Kansas, 2016). Maney examines Bill Clinton in all his guises: the first baby boomer to reach the White House; the gifted politician with an inexplicably careless and self-destructive streak; the “Comeback Kid” survivor; and, with Hillary Rodham Clinton, part of the most controversial First Couple since Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. But Maney goes beyond personality and politics to also examine the critical issues of the day: economic and fiscal policy, business and financial deregulation, healthcare and welfare reform, and foreign affairs in a post-Cold War world. Maney was interviewed about his book for the Boston College Chronicle.

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