Richard Kearney debates God

reimagining sacredWhat kind of faith, if any, can be proclaimed after the ravages of the Holocaust and the many religion-based terrors since? In the new book Reimagining the Sacred (Columbia University Press, 2015), Seelig Professor of Philosophy Richard Kearney debates God with a host of philosophers known for their work on the intersection of secularism, politics and religion. This work facilitates a fresh approach to issues of importance to all spiritually minded individuals and skeptics: how to reconcile God’s goodness with human evil, how to believe in both God and natural science, how to talk about God without indulging in fundamentalist rhetoric, and how to balance God’s sovereignty with God’s love. According to a review in Publishers Weekly, Reimagining the Sacred is a “rigorous, forward-thinking intellectual treatise [that] opens new space for religious humanism amid cacophonous secular, political, and religious debate.Kearney is the author of more than 20 books, including Strangers, Gods, and Monsters, The God Who May Be, and Anatheism: Returning to God After God. Last year, he co-edited and contributed to Carnal Hermeneutics.

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