The art and thought of Paul Klee

kleeFrederick J. Adelmann, SJ, Professor of Philosophy John Sallis has written a book that provides a philosophical perspective on the relation between artist Paul Klee’s work and his thought. Klee once said that “art does not reproduce the visible but makes visible.” In Klee’s Mirror (State University of New York Press, 2015)Sallis examines the various ways in which Klee’s art is like a mirror capable of reflecting not only the surface appearance of things, but also their hidden depth and the cosmic setting to which they belong. Tracing the relation of Klee’s paintings and drawings to music, poetry, and philosophy, Sallis also takes account of Klee’s own extensive writings, both theoretical and autobiographical. In 2012, Sallis curated a highly acclaimed exhibition at the Boston College McMullen Museum of Art titled “Paul Klee: Philosophical Vision; From Nature to Art.”


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