The historical Ignatius of Loyola

ignatiusloyolaRobert Aleksander Maryks, associate director of BC’s Institute for Advanced Jesuit Studies, has edited A Companion to Ignatius of Loyola: Life, Writings, Spirituality, Influence (Brill, 2014), a book about the historical Ignatius of Loyola. It seeks to place Loyola’s life, his writings, and spirituality in a broader context of important late medieval and early modern movements and processes that have been appreciated too little by historians. Maryks invited scholars from across the globe to contribute pieces on Ignatius’ life. He wrote the introduction, “The Quest for the Historical Ignatius,” as well as the conclusion and a chapter titled “Ignatius of Loyola and the Converso Question.” Elizabeth Rhodes, a professor in BC’s Romance Languages Department, contributed a chapter titled “Ignatius, Women, and the Leyenda de los santos.” Maryks recently spoke to Jonas Barciauskas of BC Libraries about the book.

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