Medical Humanities journal

medical humanities coverThere is a new student journal at Boston College that tells stories of health, illness, caregiving, bioethics, medicine and disability in a variety of literary and artistic genres. The Medical Humanities Journal of Boston College is comprised of short stories, personal essays, poetry, artwork and academic papers by Boston College students and alumni. An affiliate of the medical humanities, health and culture minor, the journal was co-founded by rising seniors Emilee Herringshaw and Christopher Kabacinski, both medical humanities minors. Featured in journal’s inaugural issue: Biology major Andrew Hawkins ’16 challenges the ethics of an experimental therapy for Ebola patients in West Africa, while International Studies major Lucas Allen ’16 advocates reconfiguring the global pharmaceutical system to eliminate the deprivation of essential medicines in developing countries. Meaghan Leahy ’15, meanwhile, writes about having a sister with a dual diagnosis of autism and Tourette syndrome, and Isabella Duffy ’17 and Maria Asdourian ’15 offer insights on losing a loved one to disease – Duffy’s mother to breast cancer, Asdourian’s grandfather to Alzheimer’s. Read the Boston College Chronicle for more on the journal and the Medical Humanities minor, which is directed by Professor of English Amy Boesky.

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