What makes Gatsby great?

gatsbyArt historian and author Charles Scribner III — the fourth generation of Scribners to oversee F. Scott Fitzgerald’s works at the family publishing house — will present “From Paradise to Party Lights: Fitzgerald and Gatsby” on Apr. 15 at 5:30 p.m. in Devlin Hall, room 101. Scribner will offer both a personal and professional perspective on the legendary Jazz Age writer, the “Last of the Romantics,” and his iconic novel that still defines the magic of American self-invention. An expert in Baroque art, Scribner is the author The Shadow of God: A Journey Through Memory, Art and Faith and The Triumph of the Eucharist: Tapestries Designed by Rubens, among other titles. He was awarded the Yorktown Certificate by the US Department of Treasury for his successful undercover role with US Customs special agents in recovering a Rubens stolen from a museum in Spain, later the subject of the television documentary “The Rubens Robbers.” Sponsor: The Heinz Bluhm Memorial Lecture Series.

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