Gasson Chair Frank Brennan, S.J.

brennanFrank Brennan, S.J., who holds an appointment at Boston College Law School as the Gasson Chair, has written a review of Austen Ivereigh’s biography The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope for the Australian Broadcasting Co.’s “Religion and Ethics.” An expert in human rights law, Fr. Brennan is the author/co-author of several books, including The Wik Debate, One Land One Nation, Sharing the Country , Land Rights Queensland Style, Too Much Order With Too Little LawLegislating Liberty and Tampering with Asylum. He is a professor of law at Australian Catholic University and an adjunct professor at the Australian National University’s College of Law and National Centre for Indigenous Studies. He was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia for services to Aboriginal Australians, particularly as an advocate in the areas of law, social justice and reconciliation.

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