Symposium in honor of Dinner with Stalin

dinnerwithstalinA Boston College symposium will mark the translation and publication of the new book Dinner with Stalin and Other Stories, edited and co-translated by Professor of Russian, English, and Jewish Studies Maxim D. Shrayer, and written by his father David Shrayer-Petrov, a celebrated author of contemporary Russian-American fiction.  The event will be held on Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. in Devlin Hall, room 101 and feature selected readings. Dinner with Stalin’s 14 stories feature Soviet Jews, most of them immigrants, grappling with issues of identity, acculturation and assimilation. The symposium, Shrayer says, is “a celebration of the art of literary translation. I was fortunate to work with a remarkable team of translators, among them Margarit Ordykhanyan, Molly Godwin-Jones and Leon Kogan, former Boston College graduate students and graduates of my seminar on literary translation. All of them are gifted translators and great enthusiasts of literary translation, which has the power to bridge countries and identities, and gives hope for the survival of culture against all odds.”  Event sponsors: The Institute for the Liberal Arts, Jewish Studies Program, English Department, and Department of Slavic and Eastern Languages and Literatures. More from the Boston College Chronicle

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