Dinner with Stalin

dinnerwithstalinBoston College Professor of Russian, English, and Jewish Studies Maxim D. Shrayer has edited and co-translated Dinner with Stalin and Other Stories (Syracuse University Press, 2014), a book written by his father, David Shrayer-Petrov. According to the publisher, these 14 stories by the acclaimed master of Jewish-Russian fiction features Soviet Jews grappling with issues of identity, acculturation, and assimilation. Shrayer-Petrov explores aspects of antisemitism and persecution, problems of mixed marriages, dilemmas of conversion, and the survival of Jewish memory. He writes about Russian Jews who, having suffered in the former Soviet Union, continue to cultivate their sense of cultural Russianness, even as they—and especially their children—assimilate and increasingly resemble American Jews. Shrayer conducted a three-part conversation with his father about the book for the Visiting Scribes series of the Jewish Book Council.

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