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jesuit postThe bright, young minds that brought the world The Jesuit Post (TJP)–a website featuring commentary from young Jesuits on the intersection of faith and culture–have published a new book of essays titled, The Jesuit Post (Orbis Books). In addition to 20 original essays, the book includes a few “best of” essays from the website’s first two years. Many Boston College students and alumni are contributors to the new book. School of Theology and Ministry students Ryan Duns, SJ; Quentin Dupont, SJ; Michael Rozier, SJ, and Sam Sawyer, SJ have written essays. Alumni contributors are Jeff Johnson, SJ; James Martin, SJ; Jayme Stayer, SJ, and George Williams, SJ. Sawyer’s essay can be previewed here. In a review, Publishers Weekly says “Religious faith and the spiritual life are more relevant than ever, even if contemporary young adults live out these commitments in radically different ways than past generations. St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, would be proud to know that his work continues into the 21st century.” Sawyer, who earned his undergraduate degree from BC, is one of the founders of TJP, which has been called “one of the best things that U.S. Jesuits have done in the last 10 years.” Read an interview with the TJP founders.

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