Book Signing: Dracula’s Bloodline

draculabloodlineMore than 40 years after his pivotal book In Search of Dracula (with Raymond McNally) revealed the historical identity of Dracula, historian Radu Florescu has traced his own family’s ties to the notorious 15th century ruler. Dracula’s Bloodline: A Florescu Family Saga (Hamilton Books) tells the story of the links between the Florescus of Romania and the historical Dracula, also know as Vlad Tepes. Professor Matei Cazacu is co-author of Dracula’s Bloodline. The Boston College Bookstore will host a book signing with Florescu on Sept. 30 from 4 to 6 p.m. Now retired, Florescu was a professor in BC’s History Department for more than 50 years.

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  1. Patrick J. Daly says:

    Radu Florescu was the chairman of the History Department and my first history prof at BC during my freshman year back in 1965. Glad to see he is still at it. I knew I was no longer in high school and instead was in the big time when Professor Florescu, a Rumanian Count, swept into Fulton 512 to address a class of eager freshmen.

    Pat Daly. A&S ”69

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