Six millennia of the Phoenicians

6000yearsA new book translation by Franck Salameh, assistant professor of Near Eastern Studies, Arabic, and Hebrew, has been published by Editions de la Revue Phénicienne, Lebanon’s oldest Francophone press. The book, 6000 Years of Peaceful Contributions to Mankind, is an annotated critical translation of Charles Corm’s 6000 ans de génie pacifique au service de l’Humanité. The text is based on Corm’s conference on the Phoenicians he gave at a 1949 UNESCO general assembly. Salameh, the first Western researcher to be given access to Corm’s Beirut archives and unpublished papers, has supplemented Corm’s text with a foreword, introductory chapter, and historical commentary. One of the book’s chapters references the work of two BC Jesuits, Fr. Doherty and Fr. Ewing, and their BC students, who are credited with being the first to have systematically excavated and studied Ksar Akil, the Paleolithic site north of Beirut. In addition, Salameh has a book on Corm, Intellectual Biography of Charles Corm (Rowman and Littlefield), forthcoming in 2015.
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