Fighting cancer

cancer bookDespite gains in research, diagnosis and treatment, cancer killed 571,000 Americans in 2011. In his new book, Cancer As A Metabolic Disease, BC Biology Professor Thomas N. Seyfried offers an expansive review of the metabolic theory of cancer, from its origins to current research findings to its role in the development of new treatments and therapies in order to fight the deadly disease. Seyfried, a lipid biochemist, said he wrote the book because the research and medical communities need as expansive a definition as possible as to the origins of a disease that has maintained a steady killing pace despite the declaration of the War on Cancer in 1971. “This book is not for my generation,” he said. “This book is for young doctors now coming out of medical school who are looking for a better way to fight cancer. I hope it can be a part of a new era of cancer research, diagnosis, treatment and management.” Read an interview with Seyfried in the Boston College Chronicle.
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