The enigma of Anselm

Anselm of Canterbury is the subject of the newest book by Professor of Philosophy Eileen C. Sweeney, who explores the link between the emotional and spiritual Anselm, present in his letters and prayers, and the intellectual Anselm, evident in his writings on logic and reason. Her book Anselm of Canterbury and the Desire for the Word was published by The Catholic University of America Press.  From the publisher: “Sweeney argues that seeing the common structure and goal in the many topics and genres in the Anselmian corpus yields a new way of considering much-discussed questions in Anselm scholarship — the relationship of faith and reason, the search for ‘necessary reasons,’ the concurrence of freedom and grace…She reveals Anselm as a thinker as relentless in his exposure of ambiguity, paradox, and separation as in his pursuit of certainty, necessity, and unity.” Listen to an interview with Eileen Sweeney conducted by Jonas Barciauskas of O’Neill Library.
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