Discovering Joyce’s Dublin

The Dublin of 1904, explored by Leopold Bloom in James Joyce’s Ulysses, is now accessible to the tech-savvy inhabitants of the 21st century thanks to JoyceWays, a multimedia virtual tour created by Boston College undergraduates with the help of BC English Adj. Associate Professor Joe Nugent, a Joyce scholar, and BC’s Office of Instructional Design and eTeaching Services. Using digital mapping and images, archival photographic research at Ireland’s National Archives, and their own camera work, the students have produced an interactive guide to the topography and texture of Dublin that includes more than 100 locations. JoyceWays features excerpts from the novels glossed with expert criticism, quirky facts, and contemporary images, video and audio—including narration by Irish Senator David Norris and best-selling author, broadcaster and BBC host Frank Delaney. News of the launch of JoyceWays received worldwide media attention. JoyceWays is available on iTunes and was awarded The Appy for app of the month for June. Said one of the judges, JoyceWays “combines both educational and tourism features. What I liked in particular about [it] was the way that the user experience was made very easy and accessible in bringing to life a novel that can be anything but…The whole experience is fun and is great bite sized introduction to Ulysses and Joyce’s Dublin.” BC story
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