Killer artificial intelligence

Day-One-197x300Nate Kenyon of the Boston College Law School has published a new work of fiction that pits man against machine. In Kenyon’s thriller Day One (Thomas Dunne/St. Martin’s Press), journalist John Hawke must find a way to rescue his family while New York City is under attack from a deadly and brilliant enemy that can be anywhere and can occupy anything with a computer chip. Kenyon’s previous novels include Bloodstone and The Bone Factory.

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4 Responses to Killer artificial intelligence

  1. Carolina Ritschel says:

    Congratulations, Nate! Well done. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Lisa A., DiNapoli says:

    Dear Nate,

    Best wishes to you as you again successfully completed a new novel. “Day One”.
    I am looking forward to reading this novel.

    May you and yours enjoy the wonderful accomplishment and success this novel
    will surely generate.
    My your compassion to pursue your creative writing skills as novels to readers always
    prevail.You are talented and your reading audience is keenly aware of this.
    Congratulations and continued success to you!


    Lisa DiNapoli

  3. Nathaniel Kenyon says:

    Nate, Excuse the 4th sentence I have written as the word typed as My should read May

    Thank you.

  4. Marlon Cummings says:

    Well done, Nate. Congratulations!

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